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Who We Are

Core team

Venkata Rama Rao Vemulapally


The chairman a simple graduate by education hails from a small farmer family, he has experienced the pain of being the son of a farmer for decades before he established himself as a business man, investor among the many nuances of market economy. He has served the Agriculture sector in various advisory and investment capabilities and served the sector from grassroot level.

Since 2017 through JAIKISAN News he is working for a farmer empowering journey precisely working and designing concepts on field which are directly impacting and benefitting the farming community at large

Swamy Bandlamuri


(Masters of Business Administration, Hyderabad, INDIA)

Son of a Farmer, served in media field in multiple capabilities for around 2 decades, A visionary first generation entrepreneur who always dreamt of a media channel exclusively that could serve the farmers, he always relishes his background memories of his village and believes media is a powerful tool to address the current agrarian crisis and is crucial in bringing back a golden era to the villages by empowering people towards the culture of farming

Jaikisan News motto is to deliver relevant and timely information so that farming can be successful and sustainable and to help farmers make a decent living which is still a dream come true in our country inspite of being the largest agrarian economy. The simplicist answer is that Jaikisan News works for the vision of making farmers prosperous and strives to serve them with the best media competencies. He dreams of a day when every farmer in the country considers Jaikisan News as a friend of the farmer

Ravi Bandlamuri


(Master of Business Administration, Eller College of Management, The University of Arizona

Bachelor of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, S. V. University, India)

Ravi has over 25years’ experience in entrepreneurship, executive leadership. engineering, process improvement, Lean Six Sigma, information technology and business administration. He has worked in old world manufacturing, high-technology startup company, mid-sized multinational manufacturing and owns multiple successful businesses now.

His vision for Jaikisan is to recreate a prosperous era for Farmers. He saw the struggles of a farmer and how it affects the farmer’s family. Unlike software, a farmer is on job 24×7, 365 days a year to feed the nation. Our mission is to serve this farmer with right informational and awareness needs and facilitate the success of a farmer




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